Molly Cat Who Helped



josh-schermer Josh Schermer is a lifetime animal rescuer and is the founder and owner of Downtown Pets. He was responsible for keeping the owner of Myer’s of Keswickon on board, dealing with the media (along with Mike Pastore of Animal Care and Control), and was one of the point men during the rescue and after with the reconstruction of the building.


mike-pastoreMichael Pastore along with Feraz and Nelson of Animal Care and Control (NYCACC) was instrumental in saving Molly. Mike is a problem solver and is very professional in what he does. Mike and I worked beautifully together. While we did not always agree on what should be done (a good thing) there was never a sliver of tension between us. The NYCACC is in charge of caring for the animals of the largest city in the world and yet they have fewer field operators than the city of Atlanta.

murray-mockler Murray Mockler is a contractor in Lower Manhattan and was a huge contributor to the structural decisions made. Murray’s expert knowledge of anything structural was a huge comfort in the midst of us animal rescuers. Murray has a fun-loving nature and at times you really got down he’d be good for a laugh. Murray was also responsible for the reconstruction of the building afterward.

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