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  • kevin-cliffordKevin Clifford is a foreman over at the water gap project on Hudson Street.He is a member of the Sandhog’s Local 147. Kevin was unbelievable in the pursuitof Molly. He showed up on every break he had and helped us with his expertknowledge and his calm, confident nature was always a welcome sight. I supportedKevin’s legs as he went through the wall to pull Molly through. I remember telling him,watching him work with Molly and watching her finally come through the wallwas one of the coolest things I’d ever seen.


    paul-harkinPaul Harkin (Supervisor Construction Inspector – Department of Buildings) arrived onto thescene at just the right moment. We were all reaching our breaking point, between the mediacircus, the dust we were breathing in and the overlying feeling that we were running out oftime. But Paul is a can do type of guy and he knows how buildings work. He definitely brought a legitimacy to what we were doing structurally.

    kent-mockler-sherry-mocklerKent Mockler and Sherri Duprey Mockler (recently married) were an un-dying source ofsupport and resources from day one of this experience for me. I walked over very lateone night and told Kent and his brother Murray about this situation. He walked into hisapartment, grabbed a flashlight and we immediately headed over to the building.In essence that sums up their continuing role in helping us, whether it was a tool weneeded or something cut down to size they were invaluable.

    patrick-miles Patrick Miles (general contractor / sculptor) was one of the many welcome faces who justkept showing up to help us everyday. Patrick would routinely leave us his work belt withall the tools and he and his friends were amazing in their support and the positive energythey brought to the site. Patrick epitomized the nature of the West Village through thisexperience. People would start and end their day checking in to see how things were goingwith Molly.

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