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As of this week we are looking for:

1. Part-time (10am-3pm -or- 12pm-5pm) – you can
make between $200 – $550 a week.

2.) Full-time dog walking schedule (5 days Mon-Fri)
($500-$1,200 aweek)

2a.) Same as #2 but two of the days you work for full-time
schedule include Saturday and Sunday.

green dog pawnyc dog walker application:
What neighborhood do you live in?
Lower ManhattanUpper ManhattanBrooklynQueensOther
Are you available Monday-Friday?
Yes No
Are you available at the same
time(s) every day?
Yes No
What is your availability?
 Part-time (10am-3pm -or- 12pm-5pm)
 Full-time (Mon-Fri)
 Saturday/Sunday (9am-5pm)
What are your intentions?

 Looking for a quick, short-term way to make money.
 I’ll do this while looking for another job.
 I could see myself doing this for at least 6 months.
 I could see myself doing this for at least 1 year.
 I want to do this as a lifetime profession.
Are you applying for any
Yes No
Can you ride a bike in the City?
(not with dogs but to and from
Yes No
Most recent education type?
And year?High SchoolCollegeUniversityGraduateOther  19971998199920002001200220032004200520062007
Do you have any vacations
coming up? For how long?
Are you pursuing a specific
career? Which one?:
Your first name:
And a phone # to reach you:
What is your experience with
animals and why do you want
to be a NYC dog walker?
Please only submit the form once.

Thank you very much for taking the time to submit your
application. While we promise to read all responses
“not” everyone will be contacted by phone for a follow-up
conversation. Please do not take that personally and
please do not follow up by phone as the responses
to our open jobs can be very large. Thanks again!
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“working for NYC” on the site.

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