Unfortunately the new jersey state appellate division has voted to maintain the the new jersey department of agriculture’s (njda’s) regulation on the treatment of farm animals. Some of these regulations allow for but are not limited to:

1. confining pregnant pigs for months at a time in gestation crates
2. mutilating animals – debeaking, tail-docking and castration – without painkiller
3. foie gras production

I can’t say I’m so surprised by this. If you want to get a feeling for the state of things for american farm animals, listen to the following. A bill in california that would have banned the drowning, burying alive and burning to death of farm animals DID NOT PASS! How could this be so? Just watch the video of how kentucky fried chicken (kfc) produces their chickens and you will see 2 out of the 3 issues mentioned above.

If you would like to take part, donate to and / or keep track of pending animal legislation around the country, please check out the following resources:

farm sanctuary ( farmsanctuary.org)
the humane society (hsus.org)
the humane farming association (hfa.org)

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  1. Hard to believe this is allowed? People don’t want to look at these things, ok, but don’t follow that up by contributing to it though (:

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