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nyc dog walkers in lower manhattan

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Downtown Pets specializes in individual nyc dog walks.
We have helped over one thousand New York City clients
housetrain, socialize and raise happy dogs. Our solid
reputation is based on the quality of our walkers and the
user friendly environment for the clients.
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nyc dog services:
* individual nyc dog walks
(Learn More)
* step by step nyc puppy care
(Learn More)
* house training
(Learn More)
* leash training
(Learn More)
* in home pet sitting
(Learn More)
* individual dog boarding
(Learn More)
* nyc dog trainers
(Learn More)
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client services:
* daily updates on your dog(s)(Learn More)
* online schedule forms(Learn More)
* credit cards on file(Learn More)
* personalized approach(Learn More)
* back up walkers(Learn More)
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our walkers:
* are insured and bonded(Learn More)
* are thoroughly screened(Learn More)
* receive workers comp
& disability(Learn More)
* use the most up to date
safety measures(Learn More)
* stay with us longer than
other companies(Learn More)
dog walked in rainareas we service:
* chelsea
* west village
* soho
* tribecca
* battery park
* murray hill
* east village
* lower east side
* wall street
* south street

list of credit cards we accept

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