New York City might be a great place for a puppy or kitten to find a home but it’s not good enough to put us in the top ten for most humane animal cities in the united states. A very interesting study performed by the humane society (, looked at American cities based on criteria ranging from how often animal issues are discussed in the local media to the amount of vegetarian restaurants in the area, to name a few. One of the things dragging down new york city’s ranking are the amount of fur stores and the demand for fur in general in new york city. With the excellent fur substitutes out there I don’t understand why someone would want to promote the cruel practice that fur farms perpetrate. Please click the following link to learn more about the cruel practice of creating fur. You should also keep in mind that foreign fur practices are even more brutal than American farms and much of the fur you will find is foreign. Chinese fur farms have routinely been accused and caught using domestic animals (cats and dogs) for fur items while purposely mis-labeling them as raccoon or squirrel. Their methods of killing for fur would make even a cave man wince.

Please click the following link to see the full humane society report and how other cities ranked. San Francisco ranked number one for most humane animal cities.

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  1. My girlfriend wear fake fur and it looks and feels “exactly the same” as the real thing. Uhhhmmm is there really a choice here?

  2. That “faux” fur site was amazing and I can not tell a difference, at all, between that and the real thing (:

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