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NYC Animal Welfare:

We believe there are five keys to improving the lives
of animals in NYC and on a global scale too.

becoming a vegetarian:

why go vegetarian?

how do I compensate for not eating meat?

ok, but what is their to eat?

a sampling of vegetarian recipies

the health and social benefits to owning an animal:

what are the health benefits to owning an animal?

what are the social benefits to owning a pet?

include animals in social / educational programs:


how are animals being used in social
programs presently?

how could they also be used?

spay and neutering programs and population
control in general:

why is spay and neutering important?

spay and neutering programs in nyc area

start your own spay and neutering program

estimated effect in having one nyc cat fixed is?

their needs to be new and or updated animal rights

what rights do animals actually have?

who is fighting for animal rights?

what changes should be made to animal rights law?

NYC animal welfare quick links:

1. NYC vets / 24hr. emergency resources

2. NYC animal specialists & alternative medecine

3. Rescue of Molly the cat

4. NYC animal laws

5. NYC spay and neutering

6. NYC keys to positive animal welfare

7. NYC dog and woman electrocuted
View NYC Pets In Housing Bill (Click Here)
If you find it hard to think about life
without your pet, imagine your pet’s life
without you. The mission of 2nd Chance 4
is to reduce the number of pets
unnecessarily euthanized each year
due to the death or incapacity of their
human companions who care for them.
Ensure lifetime care for your pets. 

If you need more reasons to get interested in
animal welfare take a look at un-American
about animals
. There is a common thought
by many that America is leading the way in
regards to animal welfare but too often we are
actually lagging behind in both thought and

Support NYC animal welfare groups TODAY!!!
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