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    nyc dog walkers –

    video saving “molly the cat”

    sean mcGaughan of “the metermaids”

    my appearance on the fine living channel

    doug smith making us laugh

    downtown pets video promo

    james cleare on MTV

    dog health –

    which direction is your dogs tail wagging?

    dogs size determined by genes

    yoga for your dog?

    the in-home pocket dog

    overweight cats & dogs

    cats and dogs together –

    dog licking a kitten

    a cat and dog resting together

    a cat riding a dog

    cat head butting a dog

    cat and dog on a bed

    celebrity pranks / video spoofs –

    judge judy questions a debt collector

    schwarzenegger calls Gateway

    schwarzenneger calls a restaurant

    300 – the pg version

    cat resources / images

    cats and dogs living together….happily

    exercising your cat

    two kittens on guard

    two kittens hugging

    when cats attack

    cleaning up cat and dog urine

    animal welfare –

    what animals do for us

    nyc not “top ten” most animal friendly cities

    animal testing

    new jersey sticks with farm “animal cruelty”

    21st annual genesis awards

    animal lover? or dog lover?

    is their hope for china’s domestic animals?

    animal charities –

    animal asia

    safe haven for donkeys

    animal videos and pictures –

    pit bull and baby chicks

    the same pit bull and baby chicks

    starts out nice but turns into?

    a pit bull and a duck

    a bulldog skateboarding

    cat massages a dog

    skatman ferret video

    me so happy

    a cat, mouse, bunny and a dog

    cat rubbing heads with a horse

    young duck tagging along with a puppy

    three dogs running

    another hot one today

    two monkey babies

    black & white bunnies eating together

    a dwarf bunny

    man gets humped by a dolphin

    feeding a chipmunk

    monkey doo

    a dog hugging a baby

    cat rap

    animal news alerts –

    dog awared first New York restraining order

    animal fighting bill approved

    top 10 pets hazards in 2006

    dog helps save baby horse

    preparing your dog for an emergency

    missing dog found 430 miles from home

    dogs trained to sniff out beg bedbugs

    can dogs be racist?

    animals in the news?

    want a hippo for a household pet?

    animal videos –

    review of “year of the dog”

    “moonstruck” – nyc dogs, food & love

    a sleepover for kittens

    cats going crazy and falling asleep too

    2 ducks and a cat

    300 (kittens parody)

    animal friendly resources / celebrities-

    leather free products

    seventh generation – household products

    woody harrelson

    african elephants –

    a baby elephant and mother

    a baby elephant shows some love

    two baby elephants