Tompkins Square Park dog run resides in the heart of the East Village. Of all the dog runs in Lower Manhattan, tompkins square park feels the least like a dog a run and I say that in a good way. It’s a wide open area with a dirt surface and wonderful large trees all around you. There is a “no toys” policy at this dog run which I like although there are sometimes sticks and branches around which dogs can get in fights over. This dog run used to be renowned for the many fights that occurred and the entire park itself was ridiculously dirty at one point. But these days it’s a well kept area and while there are still more dog altercations here than your average run I do like Tompkins Square a lot. There is a separate dog run for small dogs too.

Some very exciting news is that “New York City Parks and Recreation announced the dog run in Tompkins Square Park will receive a $150,000 renovation. ” Click the following link to view what changes will be made in the restoration of the tompkins square park dog run.

Click the following link to view a map and directions to tompkins square park dog run.

Grade = B/B+

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