Washington Square Park resides in the heart of Greenwich Village and has a long, storied history. There is always some type of live performer there and it’s a fun place to take your dog. This is actually my favorite dog run in Lower Manhattan and it really is an oasis in the heart of the Village.

The dog run itself has a great long, wide open stretch for your dog to run free. Visitors to the run are usually friendly and overall they keep track of their own dogs. There is a separate dog run for smaller dogs which is great too. Once in awhile it attracts aggressive dogs with careless owners but not more than your average run.

The dog run used to be know as a “very” dirty dog run but it has improved dramatically both by those who operate and frequent the run. Click the following link to view a map and directions to washington square park.

There are plans for a new dog run in washington square park in the near future and there is reason to worry about this. From what I’ve heard the new layout will have lots of blind spots where you can not see your dog at all and it’s not clear what type of transition period there would be from the old to the new run.

Grade = (A-)

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