The heat can pose problems wherever you live but especially in New York City. On extra hot and humid days you need to go easy with the dogs, overly hydrate them and look at the color of their tongue. If their tongue starts to turn blue you have problems. One time I had to run a bulldog into a bodega and shove him into the ice cream freezer because he was overheating. I then shoved bags of ice under his armpits and around his neck to cool him down. Luckily everything worked out okay and I’ll always remember that sight of a beautiful white bulldog panting in a freezer with containers of Ben and Jerrys behind his head (^_^) But it could have turned out badly and I would go extra slow and be ridiculously safe on hot and humid days especially with dogs who have respiratory issues like Boxers, Boston Terriers, Pugs and Bulldogs.

Sometimes my walkers don’t know what times are too hot for the dogs to take a long walk. I tell them to place their palms on the sidewalk and if they can’t hold it there for more than 3-5 seconds then the dogs need quick bathroom breaks. New York City also has lots of manholes (pictured) and these are like a frying pan on a hot day and dogs can not leave their paws on them for even a few moments without jumping. In cities you also have smog alerts from the humidity and the concrete. Please click the following link to learn more about dogs overheating.

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