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Dog walker home > NYC vets > NYC injured & found animals > birdsNYC bird care centers:
If you do not have the ability to reach a NYC care center for
birds try our list of NYC bird rescuers here.

Facilities that accept rescued animals:

Angel’s Gate

Cats, dogs, parrots, ponies, ducks, swan, pigeons,
geese, chickens and rabbits.

Angel’s Gate cares for animals relinquished by their
human companions or by shelters because of
medical reasons; they work with physically
challenged animals and are a wildlife rehabilitation
center as well. 

18 Josephine Lane
Fort Salonga, NY  

(631) 269-7641

Animal Medical Center Hours:

They will accept all injured wildlife.

Open 24/7

62nd 510 E 62nd St

(212) 838-8100

Animal General


Accepts and rehabilitates birds but you have to bring them in.

588 Columbus Ave @ 86th Street.
Karen Hidegerd or Rita McManna
(212) 501-9600

Arcadia Bird Sanctuary and Educational Center

Accept birds from anywhere.

PO Box 548
Freehold, NJ

PH: (732) 995-8562
Fax: (732) 462-0377
email: [email protected]

Boulevard Animal Clinic

Placement for unwanted and rescued birds and adoption.

Terri Jones, the director, works closely with Sean Casey Animal Rescue.

(718) 261-1231

Circle of Life Farm

Dogs, cats, goats, sheep, peacock, ponies, guinea hens, pigs, turkeys, pheasants, jersey steer, an assortment of chickens and roosters, ducks, rabbits, geese, parakeets, cockatiel, chinchilla, and frogs.

228 Messina Street North
Great River, NY 11722

(631) 582-3629

Northside Animal Hospital

Accepts birds, squirrels amd injured animals even if
they need to be euthanized.

If you get a bird after hours or on weekends call
anyway and they either take the bird or refer you to
someone who can. Not difficult to get there by
ferry or bus.

773 Post Ave
Staten Island, NY

(718) 981-4445

The Priceless Parrot Preserve, Inc.

Will accept birds from anywhere.
Performs rescues, but usually just in Long Island.

Takes any abused or abandoned bird (unless sick
and contagious) and gives them a permanent home.
Many are endangered and are taken to schools for education.

P.O. Box 691
Ridge, NY

(631) 924-8725
[email protected]

Robert Zink


(718) 979-5104
[email protected]

Squirrel Sanctuary

Rehabilitates squirrels throughout the NYC area.

There is currently a shortage of squirrel rehabilitators so if you’d like to become one, please visit their website.

(516) 334-8023

Volunteers for Wildlife

Accepts all birds, cats, dogs, snakes, turtles, exotics, rabbits, squirrels, opossums.

Huntington is a one-hour ride on the Long Island
Railroad. If you want to take the bird there call first.
One of the interns or volunteers will pick you up
at the station. If you have no way of going to either of
these places, please call to arrange a pickup.

Huntington, NY

(631) 423-0982

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