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nyc vetsDowntown Pet“Professional NYC dog walkers,
dog trainers and pet sitters
serving Lower Manhattan.”
(212) 647-0634
Downtown Pet’s New York City pet guide!
Your everything and anything guide to owning a pet in New York City.
Manhattan pet stores, dog groomers and dog runs:

NYC pet stores, NYC dog groomers, NYC dog runs,
Dog friendly housing and places to take your dog:

Pet friendly housing in NYC, Pet friendly NYC cafes,
Support the “NYC pets in housing bill”,
Our tips for a happy, well trained NYC dog:

House train your dog, Leash train your dog,
NYC dog walkers, NYC dog trainers,
NYC pet sitters,

NYC pet events and NYC dog breed groups:

NYC pet events, NYC dog breed groups,
NYC dog photographers and artists:

NYC pet photography, NYC pet artists, NYC animal emergencies & found or injured animals:

NYC animal emergency (5 boroughs),
NYC found and/or injured animal (5 boroughs)
New York City vets and animal specialists:

NYC vets (5 Boroughs), NYC animal specialist doctors,
NYC alternative pet medicines and doctors

NYC dog health and well being:

Health risks to be aware of, NYC dog laws,
Common health issues for NYC dogs and solutions,
NYC animal welfare – help NYC animals:

NYC animal welfare, NYC spay & neutering,
Support NYC animal welfare groups, What can I do? ,
NYC dog blog:

NYC dog blog,
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