We all know how painful rock salt can be on dogs paws and this article in the New York Times discusses the effects on dogs and children in new york city. To make matters worse I’ve read the rock salt is an environmental and structural hazard too. Some products to protect your dogs paws are booties, and mushers wax but either way they recommend you always wipe off your dogs paws when coming back inside from the snow.

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  1. the mushers wax really helps my boston out (they hate the cold so much) but it can ware off after awhile / my uncle uses vaseline but it’s hard to get off

  2. i wouldn’t exactly call new york city a snow town so why do cities like buffalo and ithaca have much less “lethal” solutions to 20x more snowfall a year – a duh?

  3. alternative snow control methods are more expesnive, at least at the moment but if you look at the damage caused by sault you definitely save money in the end!

  4. my pet store owner told me take these plastic basketballs they sell for dogs and just cut a whole in them / they sort of suction cup onto the dogs paws and never come off – says it’s the best <:)

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