In light of the recent petfood recall there has been an increase in the amount of organic petfoods sold in the united states as this usa today article discusses. People have also started to make their own petfood. Should this scare really have come as a surprise? Considering how bad the conditions are in “human slaughterhouses”, let alone the grade of meat used for animal consumption, I’m almost surprised there haven’t been more outbreaks.

On top of making their own petfood or feeding their dog scraps from the table, some dog owners are surprised to learn that most dogs can thrive on a vegetarian diet. Why not look into these and especially involving more of a vegetarian diet for your dog? It seems like a slam dunk but no matter what you decide to do, I would definitely involve your vet in the process to ensure safety.

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  1. Feeding scraps is a good idea. You can’t find a higher quality product than what a human would be eating of course you then have to worry about your dog always begging at the table.

  2. I agree, my dog trainer told me that as omnivores, dogs like to eat “whatever youre eating” — the crucial issue to avoid begging is to not let them see you transfer the food from your plate to theirs. If “your” food is put into their bowl at their mealtime, and not given from the table during YOUR mealtime, begging shouldn’t be an issue.

  3. That’s a good point on beggining – I think some people don’t understand the term feeding your dog table scraps and literally do just that, feed the dog from the table. Nice point!

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