Hey, what a surprise, a Chinese factory has routinely been adding melamine to wheat gluten meant for American pet food for a long time now. I’m glad to hear the food and drug administration has opened up a criminal investigation in the case and searched at least one pet food supplier. I have always worried about the import of produce from certain countries and especially when it comes to livestock. Not surprisingly the tainted melamine could have reached the human population if the department of agriculture had not quarantined 6,000 hogs who had accidentally been given pet food laced with melamine. Chinese factory officials can deny the use of melamine all they want but the use of melamine is widely known and accepted in china as a protein supplement for pet food given to livestock, etc.. They use it plain and simple to save a few bucks.

To find the most recent pet food recall coverage from the ny times click here and a blog with great resources on the pet food recall can be found here.

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  1. A little bit more transparency from these pet food companies would be nice and maybe it should be mandatory, no?

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