The more we learn about the events leading up to the recent pet food recall, the more disconcerting the story becomes. In an article written in The New York Times, it has been discovered that three weeks before the massive recall, the chief financial officer of Menu Foods, Inc., Mark Wiens, sold 14,000 shares of Menu Foods, Inc. stock. CFO Weins called it a “horrible coincidence” in Canada’s Globe and Mail. It’s too much of a coincidence in my mind and it looks and sounds like on top of playing Russian Roulette with other peoples animals, all this guy was thinking about was his bank account. If it turns out CFO Miens had prior knowledge of the contaminated food he should be forced to personally test all future wheat gluten imports from China. If he starts to feel ill maybe he can give me a heads up so I can sell off my stock in time too.

In a related article, the New York Times is covering a story on how U.S. regulators suspect that the contaminated wheat gluten from China deliberately had melamine added to it. The report says they had done this to bolster the protein content. “If melamine was intentionally blended into the wheat gluten, the findings could become a vast setback for agricultural trade between the United States and China, a country known for lax food-safety regulations.”

Please click the following link to read the full new york times story.

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  1. What the hell is Asian wheat gluten doing in american pet food, made in Canada? Seems like too many middle men to me.

  2. What a jerk and what a lowlife company too but I guess we’re paying the bills, no? Really well said Josh, thanks!

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