This is a continuing post on products and services that we as dog walkers love and can’t live without.


2. new balance: I have not found a more comfortable walking sneaker than the new balance 991. I haven’t tried the new version, the new balance 992, but I assume it’s of the same quality. A dog walker is a good witness for keeping your feet comfortable and I’ve been very happy with these sneakers and a new pair of dr. scholl’s gel insoles every few months.

If you are interested in sneakers or shoes made without animal products please check out moo shoes or the vegetarian shoes section at New Balance is one of the companies making great lines of shoes with no animal products.

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  1. The vegan section at is fantastic! Also, they have free shipping and free return shipping so if the shoes don’t fit you don’t have to hide them in your closet hoping the size of your feet will change! Just send ’em back for FREE!

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