Working outside requires a dog walker to be mobile and adaptable to many conditions, not least of which being the weather. This is the first in a series of posts discussing the products we have learned to love, can’t live without and should be very helpful for those of you always on the move.

cell phones:

1. You can run a company directly from your blackberry. Sure the iPhone looks fun and the “Q” is nice on the eyes but at this point there is not a better phone for a business person on the go. I am excited to see how internet surfing will be on the iPhone considering it will use Apple’s native Safari as a browser. But on top of the blackberrys ability to deal with applications, it is also a solidly built phone. Outside of moisture which is a killer for all phones, I have dropped my blackberry almost 50 times and it still works perfectly. For reviews on pda’s you can search at either cnet or PcMag. I personally have the Blackberry 8700C through T-Mobile and I’m very happy with it. If you’d like to try a phone with a completely different keypad than you’re used to check out the nokia e70.

You will need accessories ranging from phone covers to extra batteries and chargers. I have had good luck with I would not recommend using a bluteooth ear piece nor would I recommend putting a phone directly against your head. I use a good old fashioned wire ear piece and it does not hold me back in any way. The fact is all cell phones give off radiation and some more than others. My mother bought me the aulterra sticker which you put on the back of your cell battery and it is supposed to neutralize some of the radiation.

In regards to cell coverage we have had the best luck with t-mobile and verizon. I’m not a fan of verizon as a company itself but the coverage in new york city is very strong. T-mobile is well known for high quality customer service and I can verify this claim. They have been helpful with problems and understanding for a mistake or two I’ve made. Cingular has done the worst in our experience in the area but now that ATT has bought them it should get better.

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  1. Nice post there – what I am interested to see with the iPhone is the touch screen pad. What do you think of that Josh?

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