HBO has been providing strong coverage of animal cruelty issues with the Real Sports spotlight on dog fighting, the HBO documentary “I am an Animal” (the story of the founder of Peta), and most recently the Real Sports segment on the loophole that some of have found in the recently passed US horse slaughter ban. The legislation passed in late 2007 was to end the slaughter of US horses for foreign consumption in Italy and Japan. Not to be outdone those in the horse meat trade have started to ship horses across the borders to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered.

What horses are being slaughtered: Horses who are not winners or used to be but are now losing.

Why are they being sold for slaughter: Because they are losing the owners money.

Profit they make to sell the horses over cost of euthanizing them: Very little

Problems with animal export: Many countries who import livestock animals do not have the proper / humane means to slaughter the animals. Also animal export is extremely traumatic on animals and some do not even survive the trip.

As a horse rescuer who used to work in the racing industry said, “seven days from stable to table,” is the term for horses who don’t win.

You can view the story on the recent HBO Real Sports episode or possibly on HBO on demand.

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