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Why do I need a dog walker in New York City?
While all dogs, in all places could use a dog walker, they might need it most in cities like New York. Dogs in New York City do not live outside in fields, running around all day so it is more important that they get out for a few cardio walks a day. You can not underestimate both the physical and mental benefits gained by dog walks while you are gone 8-10 hours a day. These walks might range from
thirty-minute NYC dog walks to fifty or sixty-minute NYC dog walks depending on your schedule.

Can dog training be a part of my New York City dog walker experience?
Yes! It has always been our belief that dogs, especially
New York City dogs can not be trained in a few days. There are simply to many distractions, noises, etc., in a city like Manhattan. By using one of our experienced and highly regarded NYC dog trainers you will learn the fundamentals of dog training. At the same time you, the dog trainer and the dog walker can all speak the same language to the dog. If this is done consistently, it is very powerful.

What is pet sitting and what are the benefits of
New York City pet sitting?
In home NYC pet sitting allows your pet to stay home when you are away. One of our bonded and insured dog walkers stays at your apartment and this allows your pet to maintain their normal walking and diet routines.
We offer New York City dog walking in:
* Chelsea
* West Village
* Soho / Tribeca
* Wall Street
* Gramercy Park
* East Village
* Lower East Side
* Little Italy
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