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x(212) 647-06341 Hour Dog Walk(s):Description of Service:

xIn a one hour dog walk the key areas covered are; a cardio workout; socialization; behaviorial training (if necessary & requested); and constant petting and support.

xYour dog will be given fresh water.

xDuring a one hour session it is also possible for us to receive packages, water plants, let in someone from the cable company, etc.
30 Min. Dog Walk(s):Description of Service:

xIn a thirty minute dog walk your dog will receive a nice jolt of cardio and our goal will be to tire them out.

xWe can work with your dog on basic behaviorial issues.

xYour dog will be given fresh water.

xYou can have access to your pet(s) own web page where you can track their daily progress and also keep their medical records online
Going away for the weekend? We can give you an entire list of reasons NOT to leave your dog at a kennel or spa. We invite you to try our inhome pet sitting service. The pet remains in their secure environment, where all the sights, smells, and sounds are familiar. The pet follows their customary diet, exercise routine and medical treatments, all the while receiving individual care. Also we are a BONDED SERVICE so your house is protected.Pet Sitting & Boarding:Home | Services | Laws | Links | Charity | Account | Contact | Animal Welfare | Leash EtiqutteBlog | Electric Grates | House Training | SHOP