Just the other day I joked about being a lifetime new yorker and needing the noise on the street to fall asleep. I remember seeing a John Cusak movie where he’s a native new yorker whose traveled to the south and the only way he can sleep at night is by playing street noise on his radio by the bed. The truth is it’s much louder in the city then I can ever remember and I don’t seem to be alone. According to the city’s 311 complaint line, “there were 38,660 noise complaints in 2005 and 41,856 in 2006”, and most people wouldn’t even think about complaining in the first place. The main issues during the day were construction. But for the late hours barking dogs and air conditioners topped the list. If the noise from a barking dog is found to be “unreasonable” the new code says you can be fined $75 to $175 for the first offense, if the dog barks more than 10 minutes during the day and 5 minutes at night.

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  1. The noise can be ridiculous and glad to hear about this. Other cities can get all their work done without the level of noise we have hear and some of them have had the same growth spurts too.

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