Food network chef jamie oliver slaughtered a lamb on his show recently creating an audience uproar. Some of the complaints have focused on the fact that he did not stun the lamb before slaughtering it but most people were plain and simply outraged by what they saw. I actually think this was a good thing in that it helps people make a connection with the food on their dinner plate and how it gets there. Look at jamie’s face as he slaughters the lamb (found here) – he is freaking out & miserable. Animal slaughter is not a nice picture and the Jamie Oliver lamb slaughter was a walt disney version of what animals usually go through too.

I do give Jamie credit for practicing what you preach and if you’re going to cook “200 lamb you should at least kill one.” But I stray in thinking when it comes to his rationale for slaughter when he says, “…it’s a beautiful creature but it is tasty and we are the top of the food chain.” I go more with the mindset of, “he who has great power should use it lightly” (Lucius Annaeus Seneca) but unfortunately the meat industry does not agree.

PS – mentioning that we are on top of the food chain seems to hint that we as humans need animal flesh to survive but this is not true and you know who else does not need animal flesh in their diet to survive? Dogs (: (learn more)

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