starbucks-coffee-company-logoThe following are excerpts from “pour your heart into it“, a book about the creation of starbucks. In them chairman and ceo howard shultz discusses what lead him to institute a company wide insurance policy, offered even to part-time workers.

“One of the terrible tragedies, for me (shultz says), was the fact that my father passed away before he could witness what I achieved.”

“If your dad had been successful,” (shultz’ friend says), “maybe you wouldn’t have had as much drive as you have.”

“My friend was probably right. Part of what has always driven me is fear of failure, for I know too well the face of self-defeat.”

“I finally came to terms with my bitterness and learned to respect the memory of what my dad was, instead of regretting what he was not. But it was also wrong that in America, land of dreams, a hard-working man like him couldn’t find a niche where he could be treated with dignity.”

“It was a strange but fitting coincidence that during my dad’s final months, my major preoccupation at work was building trust with the employees at starbucks. I saw on some of their faces the same doubts about the intentions of management that my father had expressed so often to me. People felt undervalued and uncertain about their future, and at times they directed their anger at me, as he had.”

“But I was no longer a helpless kid. I was in a position to do something about the insecurity and lack of respect that seemed to be becoming far too commonplace in much of American business.”

“Within a year…I did.”

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