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Cage free eggs are all the rage with everyone from Burger King to your local supermarket offering eggs from cage free chickens. But some people make the mistake of thinking this means your eggs are coming from a chicken who is living in the penthouse suite at caesar’s palace. Many industrial farms, as usual, are taking advantage of the public’s good will and are simply trying to answer the demand of the public wanting better living standards for farm animals. But as you can see in the picture above many of these farms have a ways to go before you can consider the chickens living standards to be humane. Cage free is a good step but not simply to be able to put the catchy slogan on the side of your product. Until the department of agriculture is able to enforce a true cage free standard the eggs from small farmers will continue to be the closest thing to humanely produced.

By the way, all the chickens you see in the picture above are females. Please click the following link if you’d like to see a picture of where the male chicks in a hatchery end up.

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