Stop Dog Pulling Nyc



Teaching your NYC dog not to pull on the leash.

Downtown Pet’s offers different approaches to helpyou deal with your pulling dog. All of these methods are based on positive reinforcement. You can read some tips to help you with your pulling dog below and you can also click the following link to view information on our nyc dog trainer services.

Some of our keys to success are –

* We beleive it’s important to always hold the leash at thesame spot. This is best achieved by tying a knot in the leash afoot or so up from the bottom and always holding the leashunderneath the knot.

* We always walk dogs on the left side of our bodies and thecurbside of the sidewalk. We do both these things forconsistency and safety.

* When a dog pulls we do not pull back but rather stop dead inour tracks and at the same say “no pull” or utter a sound ofdisaproaval. When the dog slows up we always make sure topraise them.

* Some dogs will not respond to this method even after monthsof both the walker and client trying. For dogs like this we use a seansation harness but maintain the same strategymentioned above while using them.

* As successful as the sesnsation harness is, it is moreimportant to teach your dog a command that they will accociatewith not pulling, like “heal”.

* When both a client and walker are doing the same things, andsaying the same commands to a dog, we see great improvements.

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