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_Services we offer:
(212) 647-0634
* Individual dog walking
* Dog training* Pet sitting
* Early morning, late night,
xweekend & holiday walks* Daily updates on your pet
* Introduce and/or reinforce
xbasic commandsxAreas We Service:
We offer NYC dog walking in:
* Chelsea
* West Village
* Soho / Tribeca
* Wall Street
* Financial District
* Gramercy Park
* East Village
* Noho
* Little Italy
* South St. Seaport
New York City dog services
Down Town Pet
is a fully bonded & insured member of (NAPPS)
The National Association of Pet SittersManhattan dog servicesWhat makes a
professional NYC
dog walker?
What does Downtown Pet
look for when hiring a
dog walker or pet sitter?
Find out here!
How do we hire dog walkers?
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