iconoclasts (on sundance) – On each episode of iconoclasts they follow two celebrities who happen to be friends. The pairings are most often a surprising mix of personalities, ranging from eddie vedder and laird hamilton, to quentin tarantino and fiona apple and sean penn and jon krakauer. The settings are always fun and the dynamic between the pairings, many times, makes for great t.v..

real time with bill maher (on hbo) – I worked for bill maher back when he was on comedy central and in new york city. When his show is working, for me, it’s the best thing on t.v. for no holds barred, political commentary. It’s live television too so there is that added dynamic of what will happen? What will someone say? The casts can be so dynamic too. The recent guests included – director michael moore discussing “sicko” and the health care crisis, ben affleck, p.j. o’rourke, and presidential candidate ron paul.

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