1. hotel rwanda: The African “Shindler’s List”, this is an excellent film about a
heroic story in the midst of a terrible tragedy
. Don Cheadle is in top form playing Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager who with unending courage and amazing charisma was able to protect over 1,000 civilians in the midst of the most barbaric human rights atrocity in modern time.

2. 2nd season of extras on hbo: Comic genius ricky gervais (co-creator of the original “office”) has hit another comedy home run with the 2nd season of extras on hbo. Highlights include the 8th episode with David Bowie and episode 10 at an awards show but they are all great. Many times I laughed so hard I got worried (:

3. pollock: This ed harris portrayal of famous american artist jackson pollock is a wonderful look at the painful process and life he went through to produce his brilliant paintings. The painting scenes are magical and you feel like you are a fly on the wall of the real pollock sometimes.

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