I’m surprised the prong collar is still used so often in dog training. On top of the fact the prong collar hurts dogs, with the possibility of seriously hurting them (dog’s necks have been pierced and some vets associate routing choking of dogs with throat cancer.) If you are trying to stop your dog from pulling, jumping, scavenging etc. there are three types of equipment I would recommend and they are:

1. sensation harness – This is my favorite piece of dog training equipment. It doesn’t hurt dogs, is amazingly effective and dogs do not seem to mind it. It can be used for a dog who pulls, a dog who jumps and or for a dog who is perfect on the leash, in place of a collar.

2. gentle leader – The gentle leader is one of the most used pieces of equipment for dogs who pull but there are things to be wary of with it. Over use of the gentle leader can lead to both neck and eye problems. The gentle leader is meant for dogs who either bite, lunge and or scavenge but I would try and not use it long term. I would more recommend using the gentle leader as a negotiating tool for teaching a term, like “no bite”, “drop it”, etc..

3. halti – The halti is very similar to the gentle leader with the difference being the gentle leader is lighter and dogs seem to like it better. What you as an owner might like is that the halti has a clip that attaches to the collar for added safety. But if the gentle leader is sized correctly it shouldn’t never come off. The halti is meant for dogs who pull, scavenge, bite and or lunge.