The two most used products for dogs who pull are the sensation harness (buy now) and the gentle leader (buy now). I have used both a great deal and I have listed the positive and negatives I see to both of them.

The Sensation Harness:

I have found dogs prefer the Sensation Harness
over any other anti-pulling or jumping equipment we have ever used. The Sensation Harness
is not obtrusive, works immediately and it doesn’t cause the dog any pain. The only problem we have run into with the Sensation Harness
is when the straps chaff against a dogs skin. There are products and remedies for this where you can put some fabric between your dogs skin.

uses: stops dogs from pulling; stops dogs from jumping; great alternative for a collar too

watch out for: chaffing under their arm pit areas

where to buy?: Click Here!

The Gentle Leader:

The Gentle Leader is the best product for a dog who bites, outside of a muzzle. It is also a great product for dogs who scavenge and pick things up off the ground to eat. But I would always use the sensation harness over the gentle leader for a dog who simply pulls or jumps. The problems associated with the gentle leader are that dogs have experienced strain to their eyes; skin burns on their snout and do not seem to like having this equipment on.

uses: for dogs who bite or scavenge

watch out for: eye strain; the fur on their knows being rubbed down; your dog hating it

where to buy: Click Here!


The Sensation Harness is a great product for everything from a puppy who pulls and jumps to an older dogs who walks normally. There is no stress to the neck and no trauma to the body. The Gentle Leader is a nice alternative for dogs who bite and scavenge but should not be a long term solution.

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  1. Nice comparison and my dog loves the sensation harness. He used to kill my rist but the moment I put it on he stopped pulling and never has again.

  2. Nice to know about gentle leader hurting a dogs eyes. My dogs eyes have been irritated now that I think about it too!!!

  3. My dog did much better with the sensation harness too. He hated the gentle leader, was constantly rubbing his snout were the head halter rested on and gave himself a bald spot there. He still pulls while wearing the chest harness but he’s still pretty easy to control compared to using just a collar.

  4. I realize this is an old post, but I recently got the Sensation harness for my dog and its very effective. I did however notice the irritation that its causing under his arms and am curious about the products you said could help relieve this. Would you mind sharing some of these solutions? That's if you're still around. I appreciate the help.

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