On the day before a historic election I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. So it was interesting timing to see a commercial for the Snuggie. In an election that has shown all sides of our great society, the Snuggie represents that classic American infomercial and it really cracked me up. Is the Snuggie for you? Well let’s see, when you are lying on the couch under a blanket do you find it hard to reach for a telephone??? Do you wonder to yourself, if only this blanket had arm holes? Do you want to look like an extra in a Star Wars movie? Are you an acting participant in a cult? If any of these apply to you the Snuggie might be for you. One of the clips I especially love in the following ad. is the family wearing their Snuggies at a baseball game.

My Girlfriend’s great reaction to the Snuggie Video was, “haven’t these people heard of a sweater?”

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