They used to say the road to the White House went through Tim Russert and they were right. When a politician went on Russert’s show, Meet the Press, they needed to be in top form because Russert was going to do his homework and wasn’t going to be lied to. But Russert was so much more than a political giant. He was a lover of life and everything that comes with it. He loved his family, his hometown of Buffalo, sports and as much as he loved politics it was talking about someones kids that really put a smile on his face. In recent years I feel I regrettably took him for granted in the same way you might with a great actor who puts in amazing performance after amazing performance. But he will be sorely missed because there is no one who can replace him. Winston Churchill’s wife spoke of how the great men are really children at heart. Russert certainly was and brought a civility to journalism in a time where the one who speaks loudest is most rewarded.

* Russert loved his Father very much and a nice Father’s Day present might be his best selling book Big Russ and Me (click to view)

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