I routinely wake up in the morning to the sounds of barking dogs who’ve been tied up outside a cafe. This seems to be a routine practice for some people in New York City, to take their dogs with them while they shop and leave them tied up outside. I’d never do it myself simply based on safety but on top of this many of these dogs bark for their owners. Also, to make matters worse, many times the owners will sit down in the cafe for 30 to 40 minutes as their dog sits on the street barking wildly. It’s not fair to their dogs nor to those trying to catch a few last zzz’s. And with all these dogs barking how am I supposed to hear the Fire Truck’s blasting by? Or the drug dealers arguing on the street? All the necessary sounds to put a lifetime New Yorker to bed?

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  1. I once left my dog outside of a restaurant where it was popular to do so and he was stolen! Luckily it was just a bunch of high school kids being stupid and I got him back, but I agree no one should do this.

  2. My dog was run over by a bicycle when I left him outside, for the last time….nice post and funny ending.

  3. I have a pitbull and an Akita/Mastiff mix and I would never for any reason leave my babies tied anywhere for any reason. I wouldn’t leave my children alone…so why would I leave my pups alone? It’s common sense. You hear so many stories of stolen/abused/run over dogs that were left tied up that it makes me sick. It’s a sad world out there that we have to be so cautious…but it’s better being safe than sorry. We have to watch our pets as closely as we watch our children with the abuser’s and sickos that are out there. Not to mention how the poor dogs feel terrified being left alone. I’m totally against it.

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