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Downtown Pets’ Dog Walker Resources:

The point of this site is to centralize the information going back and forth between you and the office.Depending on how you look at me and the office we can be three different things to you:

1. Your agent – working to get you as many dogs as possible and to make as much money as possible.

2. Your secretary – if I’m required to repeatedly remind you of things you have already been told or learned.

3. Your boss – Now of course I’m your boss but repeated mistakes, not doing the job as I ask you too, etc. will require me to be on your back more which is a waste of both of our time.

As you can see from these three options it’s in your best interest to have me be your agent. Let me spend my days doing PR campaigns to keep the customers coming in and to keep our existing clients here. Hopefully this site will help us be on the same page.

How To Use This Site:

1. Home Page – You will find hot topics, alerts, etc. on this home page.

2. Walker How To – This is our company blog where you will find all types of information on how to’s for this job. When new posts are submitted you will receive an alert to your phone.

3. Walker Vacations – This is where you can view a calendar of scheduled walker vacations.

4. Forms / Surveys – You’ll find forms to submit requests and surveys to periodically fill out here.