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Hey Guys, So a walker recently left us and after they left I learned about how in a lot of different ways they were not performing the job as I want. And as you might imagine that really rubbed me the wrong way. This job revolves around trust. The clients put their trust in us and I have to put my trust in you. To find people abusing that trust annoys me. So I’m going to give all existing walkers one chance to come forward with any areas of the job you might be doing differently than we want. Not small things mind you and not a single one (outside of safety where we have no patience for at all) but more a cluster of items where a walker is doing things their own way.

What do I think a Downtown Pets dog walker is?

To me a Downown Pets dog walker does at the very least the following:

* walks the dog on the left side of their body and ONLY on the left side of their body

* walks the dogs short and does not let the dog get ahead of them

* does not let dogs go up to electric polls on the sidewalk

* does not have a dog pulling them down the sidewalk but rather works with the dogs to stop them from pulling

* does not walk the streets with a phone glued to their head

* is never found to be sitting on a stoop or bench with a dog

* looks both ways before crossing a street * never j-walks

* NEVER EVER lets go of the leash with their hands – holding the leash with your legs is not okay and being in a stairway or a lobby doesn’t constitute a time to let go of the leash with your hands we NEVER EVER let go of the leash with our hands

* never listens to music while walking a dog

* never yanks the leash on a dog unless it’s an emergency In the clients’ home:

* we make sure we help our clients house train their dogs

* we do not EVER put a dog in a crate with equipment on

* we contact the office if anything ever seems wrong with the dogs or the apartments I’m not going to lie.

I know some of you don’t follow the above. Well let’s consider this your one if not last reprieve to let me know you’re not doing these things and work with me to change this. Remember that the way we walk dogs and the way we conduct ourselves is our brand. That is our product and I can’t let someone damage all the work I and so many walkers have put in to create such a good reputation. Please fill out the following survey to tell us which of the issues or others I haven’t mentioned you might be guilty of. Those found to be consistently doing any of the above mentioned in the near future will not be able to work here and I’m being as up front and honest about it as I can be. For those of you who are guilty of the less serious issues mentioned or none at all I ask you to keep on it and strive perfection. For those who are seriously guilty of things mentioned above this is again your one time to work with this on me. If you don’t and you’re found to be doing any of the above I’ll have to look at it like you’re trying to get by here doing things your own way and don’t have interest in how we want things done. Thank you. Please click the following link to fill out the survey.