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NYC animal welfare:

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We believe there are five keys to improvingthe lives of animals in nyc and on a globalscale too.

1. The first and most effective way to combat overpopulation in large cities is spay and neuteringprograms. View sites like
Bide-A-Wee for informationand Muffins Pet Connection for low cost NYC spay andneuter locations.

2. We all need to be more educated on both the actualstate of nyc animal welfare and how to positivelyaffect it. The ASPCA is always a good reference foranimal welfare in your area. You can also try theMayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals for all types ofresources. A website that is not particular to theNew York area but has a large resource of animal welfarerelated links is AnimalConcerns.org.

3. There needs to be new and or updated animal rightslegislation. A wonderful site for animal rights law is theAnimal Legal Defense Fund. A New York City resourcefor animal laws is
the Humane Society of New York.For an extensive, state-by-state, collection of animal lawstry The Institute for Animal Law.

4. A vegetarian diet can have a positive impact on yourhealth and on the state of animal welfare in general.More and more people are adopting the vegetarianlifestyle and the food industry is starting to hear theircalls with better tasting meat alternatives. You can checkout PETA’S new vegetarian site GoVeg.com. This pagedescribes the benefits to a vegetarian diet, titled”49 Reasons why I am a vegetarian“.

5. Get the word out that having an animal in your life makes you happier and healthier. It’s a proven fact!Check out an interesting article on the physical andsocial benefits of having a pet.


If you find it hard to think about lifewithout your pet, imagine your pet’s lifewithout you. The mission of
2nd Chance 4Pets is to reduce the number of petsunnecessarily euthanized each yeardue to the death or incapacity of theirhuman companions who care for them.Ensure lifetime care for your pets.

If you need more reasons to get interested inanimal welfare take a look at un-Americanabout animals. There is a common thoughtby many that America is leading the way inregards to animal welfare but too often we areactually lagging behind in both thought andaction!