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NYC animal welfareDowntown Pet“Professional NYC dog walkers,
dog trainers and pet sitters
serving Lower Manhattan.”
x(212) 647-0634NYC Animal Welfare:

We believe there are five keys to improving
the lives of NYC animals and animals on a global
scale too.

1. The first and most effective way to combat over
population in large cities is spay and neutering
. View sites like Bide-A-Wee and
Muffins Pet Connection to learn more.

2. We all need to be more educated on both the actual
state of NYC animal welfare and how to positively
affect it. The ASPCA is always a good reference for
animal welfare in your area. You can also try the
Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animal’s for all types of

3. There needs to be new and or updated animal rights
. A wonderful site for animal rights law is the
Animal Legal Defense Fund. A New York City resource
for animal laws is the Humane Society of New York.
For an extensive, state-by-state, collection of animal laws
try The Institute for Animal Law.

4. A vegetarian diet can have a positive impact on your
health and on the state of animal welfare in general.
More and more people are adopting the vegetarian
lifestyle and the food industry is starting to hear their
calls with better tasting meat alternatives. You can check
out this article on how to become a vegetarian. This page
describes the benefits to a vegetarian diet, titled
“49 Reasons why I am a vegetarian”.

5. Get the word out that having an animal in your life
makes you happier and healthier. It’s a proven fact!
Check out an interesting article on the physical and
benefits of having a pet. This article discusses
the health benefits of having a pet and how to choose
which pet is right for you
. View this article about
some of the scientific studies proving the health
benefits from having pets.

If you need more reasons to get interested in animal
welfare take a look at un-American about animals.
There is a common thought by many that America is
leading the way in regards to animal welfare but too
often we are actually lagging behind in both thought and

Support NYC animal welfare groups TODAY!!!

_Your Apartment or Your Pet?
You could be forced to choose!

xSupport Intro.189-A, the NYC Pets
z in Housing bill:
View NYC Pets In Housing Bill (Click Here)
To view more NYC spay & neutering resources on this site click here!

To view and/or donate money to New York City animal welfare groups click here!

For a discussion on NYC spay and neutering click here!

If you are actively involved in working with
homeless animals in NYC, please contact us if
you’d like to discuss group projects.

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