NY Dosas serves south indian vegetarian food in the heart of greenwich village. Almost any day of the week you will find a long line of people leading up to the NY Dosa cart, on the southern side of washington square park.

new york dosas menu –

idly – steamed lentil patties
medhu vada – fried lentil donuts
sadha dosa – crepe made out of rice and lentil
rava dosa – crepe made out of wheat flour, rice flour with onions
masala dosa – rice and lentil crepe stuffed with onions and potatoes
special rava massala dosa – crispy crepe made of red raw rice and cream of wheat
special pondicherry dosa – crepe made of lentil and rice, filled w/potatoes & fresh vegetables
uthappam – thick pancake made of lentil and rice
mixed vegetable uthappam – thick pancake made of lentil and rice and filled with fresh vegetables
mini uthappam (any toppings) – a smaller version of a mixed vegetable uthappam
jaffna dosa served with sambar (Sambar is essentially a pea and vegetable stew or chowder based on a broth made with tamarind and toovar dal) – a smaller crepe made out of black lentil, rice, and herbs
singapore mixed vegetable noodles (full/half-$2.50)
vegetable rolls
most items are served with coconut chutney and lentil and fresh vegetable soup (sambar)


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