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It’s widely known that if you’re not eating organic produce your produce is likely covered in pesticides. This can obviously have terrible effects on humans but is it now also effecting our ability to even grow crops? The recent 60 minutes says yes.

(CBS) “If you want to grow fruits, vegetables or nuts in the United States on a commercial basis you have to have soil, sun, seeds, water, and honeybees, millions and millions of honeybees…(and) honeybees are the unsung heroes of the food chain, crucial to the production of one third of the foods we eat.”

What is causing the disappearance of so many bees?

Beekeeper David Hackenberg believes the culprit is a relatively new type of pesticide called “neonicotinoids,” a synthetic chemical based on nicotine.

Hackenberg says, “well, basically, the chemical, the manufacturers of this product say it breaks down their immune system, causes memory loss, causes nervous system disorders. It causes the insects to quit feeding.”

“That’s exactly what we’re seeing happen inside these honeybee colonies.”

And what is the end result if the bees do not come back?

Beekeepers will go out of business, there will be less produce available, the price of produce will go up and the quality of our produce will go down.

conclusion: buy local, organic produce

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