Everyone on Earth has a direct and strong relationship with animals, whether they realize it or not. The most pronounced of these relationships would be if you eat meat.

With animals playing such a huge role in American society you would expect there to be more discussion on how animals are treated on American farms. But the closest you’ll find the Presidential Candidates to discussing animal rights is when they are asked about small farmers not receiving government subsidies to grow corn, wheat, etc., which is to say they are not discussing animal rights at all. I personally want to know how the Presidential Candidates feel about the abuses being committed on many industrial farms. How do they feel about foie gras? What do they think about the 10 percent, or 900 million, of farm animals raised for food who die before reaching the slaughterhouse because of stress, injury, and disease? What about the farm animals who are routinely being skinned, burned, boiled, beaten and drowned alive? What do they think about how industrial farms contribute more green house gases every year then even car emissions do? Would they update the farm animal rights bills, that do not even include rights for turkeys or chickens?

It’s time that politicians are asked their views on animal rights because for many, including myself, a persons beliefs on animal rights speaks directly to that persons character.

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