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I’m not sure the true intentions of Zen Burger in New York City but either way it is a welcome site. Zen Burger serves Vegetarian / Vegan Fast Food on Lexington Avenue between 45th and 46th Street in New York City. I think it’s meant more for those who are not already living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle but hopefully it will open the eyes of some meat eaters, at least to the junk food side of being a non-meat eater.



1. English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich (2.90) (4.69)

2. Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich (2.99) (4.69)

3. Bagel Breakfast Sandwich (2.99) (4.69)

4. Breakfast Burrito Combo – scrambled free-range eggs, organic american cheese, hashbrowns and salsa wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. makes for a wonderful morning wakeup. Served with small organic coffee or tea.

Organic Whole-wheat Bagel & Cream Cheese Combo served with small organic coffee or tea (2.39)

Hashbrowns (.79)

Organic Oatmeal this heart warming breakfast gives you energy and is the perfect item to start the day with served with your choice of 3 natural toppings; fresh apples, fresh sliced strawberries, fresh sliced bananas (2.50)

Organic Muffins home-baked and satisfyingly nutritious. perfect with our organic coffees or teas

Our Zen breakfast Sandwiches Are Delicious And Nutritious With A Filling Taste That Won’t Leave You Hungry. Your Choice Of Zen sausage, Zen ham, Or Zen bacon. Your Choice Of Free-range Eggs Scrambled Or Fried. Add Organic American Cheese For $0.60

Zen greens

Green Garden Salad our freshly tossed salad of chopped romaine, baby mescaline greens, julienne carrots, red cabbage, sliced cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes (3.95)

Organic Mixed Baby Greens a great combination of baby lettuces (red and green romaine, green oak leaf, lolla rosa, chard, mizuma, arugula, frisee and radicchio) all organic and garnished with cherry tomatoes, julienne carrots and sliced cucumbers. ready to be topped with your favorite protein and salad dressing (4.95)

Choice Of Salad Dressings organic balsamic vinaigrette, organic low-fat raspberry vinaigrette, organic sesame ginger, ranch, french, honey dijon, thousand island

Choice Of Proteins grilled Zen chicken breast, crispy Zen chicken cutlet, Zen shrimp, Zen tuna, extra (1.50)

Zen Burger


1. Zen Beef Burger our signature burger made with all fresh, healthy, natural ingredients served with our special Zen sauce, ripe tomato, romaine lettuce, onions and pickles on a toasted whole-wheat bun comes with a side (4.25) (6.50)

2. Southwestern Zen beef Burger our signature Zen beef burger topped off with a great chipotle sauce, crispy onion ring, tomatoes and romaine lettuce. comes with a side of chipotle sauce (4.25) (6.50)

3. Grilled Zen chicken Breast Sandwich honey-mustard marinated Zen chicken breast served with a touch of vegenaise and topped with green leaf lettuce and tomatoes in a toasted whole-grain hoagie (4.25) (6.50)

4. Crispy Zen chicken Sandwich our crispy Zen chicken cutlet served with a refreshingly light lemon aioli sauce, romaine lettuce and tomatoes in a toasted whole-wheat bun. comes with a side of lemon aioli sauce (3.95) (6.25)

5. Grilled Zen chicken Wrap our grilled, thinly sliced Zen chicken breast in an all-natural spinach wrap with our special Zen sauce, shredded carrots, tomatoes and romaine lettuce. served hot with a side of our special Zen sauce (4.25) (6.50)

6. Zen Tunafish Sandwich Zen tuna mixed with vegenaise, chopped celery, and fresh lemon juice. served with green leaf lettuce, tomatoes and thinly sliced pickle chips in a toasted whole-grain hoagie (4.95) (6.95)

7. Zen harvest Burger garden fresh veggie burger brought to you with our delightful homemade hummus, green leaf lettuce and tomato on a toasted whole-grain hoagie. comes with a side of hummus (4.95) (6.95)

8. Zen hotdog a Zen hotdog grilled to order, served on a toasted whole-wheat bun and topped with your choice of ketchup, mustard, sweet pickle relish and sauerkraut. By itself (3.45) (5.45) Add our homemade organic chili for only (.60)

9. Zen chicken Tenders large, tender Zen chicken nuggets served with your choice of dipping sauces – honey mustard bar-b-que, or sweet & sour (6 piece) (3.95) meal (5.95), (9 piece) (5.50), meal (7.50)

10. Zen shrimp Basket crispy, savory Zen shrimp served with your choice of cocktail sauce or our own Zen tartar sauce (10 piece) (3.95) meal (5.95), (15 piece) (5.50) meal (7.50)

Regular combo meals include: regular fries & medium fountain soda or all-natural iced tea. Upgrade to a large combo meal (large fries & large fountain soda or all-natural iced tea): ($0.75). Add organic American cheese: ($0.75)

Zen kids

By Itself/Meal

Kids Zen beef Burger sandwich (2.75) (4.25)

Kids Zen chicken Tenders (4 Pieces) (2.75) (4.25)

Zen hotdog (2.75) (4.25)

Kids Zen tuna Rolls (2.75) (4.25)

Children’s Combo Meals include: small fries, small fountain soda or all-natural iced tea and a toy

Zen sides

French Fries crispy fries made from low-starch idaho potatoes, reg (1.35), lg (1.95)

Garden Side Salad tossed with fresh chopped mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded carrots and red cabbage (2.95)

Organic Soups Of The Day hearty chef-made organic vegan soups (3.95)

Organic Zen chili zesty, filling, great tasting – perfect by itself or as an addition to your sandwich or burger (4.25)

Fruit Salad start the day fresh with our fresh fruit salad (2.95)

Non-fat Yogurt Parfait organic non-fat yogurt – homemade granola and fresh fruit. a wonderful, healthy (no cholesterol) parfait to start the morning right (2.95)


All-natural Non-dairy Ice Cream non-dairy soft serve – a smooth and refreshing compliment to your meal. chocolate or vanilla, reg (1.95), lg (2.65)

All-natural Non-dairy Sundae try a delightful sundae with chocolate or caramel topping, sprinkles or nuts (3.75)

Large Organic Cookies chocolate-chip, chocolate peanut butter, oatmeal coconut cranberry, white chocolate-chip (2.75)

Fresh Baked Cookies hot from our ovens. all-natural whole wheat chocolate-chip, granola, peanut butter (3 pack) (2.25)

Organic Brownies moist organic chocolaty brownies (2.75)

Organic Dessert Bars chewy, crunchy and packed with all-natural organic goodness

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  1. Diners beware!!!
    I was extreme excited when I heard that Zen Burger was open (Zagat email) seeing that I am a vegetarian with allergies who misses a good burger. I was impressed by the brightly colored, retro decor and the presentation of the menu items. BUT! Thats is when everything went awry. Despite the friendliness of the staff, not one employee was informed about what ANYTHING is made of. I ordered the beef burger combo, and i went to choose a drink. These people didnt even know whether the tea was made with peach flavoring or real peach essence (Im allergic). Then comes the burger……..cold, with the cheese far, far beneath the lettuce, tomato and onion also refrigerator fresh nestled in a toasted, cold organic whole wheat bun (once again, allergic). NO WHERE on this menu does the bread appear to be wheat, nor is it noted. The fries??? Let’s just say, Burger King fries meets microwave fast fries from your grocer’s freezer. I tok it back, asked for some other bread. My options were delived by the kitchen supervisor/chef/cook himself: a bagel or a wrap. I took the bagel. One of the employees proceeded to remake my order, and the young man put EVERYTHING I didnt want on the burger right back on it. Nevermind that, I could scrape it off. Got my burger, some new fries (same taste) and I was ready. So I thought. This bagel that I was told wasnt whole wheat, bore the unmistakable brown hue only give to rye and wheat. I took one small bite and BAAAM…….we have wheat! I was itching within 5 minutes. I was very upset. Not once was I offered my money back. I told them IT WAS IMPORTANT to advertise the contenets of their food and be knowledgable about what they sell and I was off to buy Benadryl (with no offers to pay for it). In my woozy state, my navagational skills were severely flawed. It took me 3 hours to make my usual 1 hr. 15 min. commute home. Im very sad.

  2. I had a similar experience! Cold, nasty, and coca-cola? This place sucked, I’m a life long vegan, and really hope this place gets it together. I was in Colorado last year and ate at a place called “VG Burgers”, that place was unbelievable, no comparison, get it together Zen.

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